Personal and professional development toolkit

Ongoing education, training and high standards of practice amongst all physician associates (PAs) is vital to delivering high-quality healthcare and maintaining professional standards. As a qualified PA moving through your career you will undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to gain further knowledge, skills, education and training, as well as benefiting from research, management and leadership development opportunities.

The FPA's new personal and professional development toolkit is here to provide guidance and practical tools to structure the content of a PA portfolio and provides standardised documentation for appraisal and evidencing CPD, competencies and capabilities. This toolkit can be used to demonstrate your development from day one of graduating to the current time of review and can help guide your personal professional development (PPD), opening the door to future opportunities and in turn shaping your career.

As the format of appraisals can vary depending on your supervisor, this toolkit is not intended to be an absolute template, but is provided to assist where a format is needed or to compliment existing appraisal processes. The toolkit has been designed for you as a downloadable word document that you can edit, save, update and print as needed. You may use this toolkit in its entirety or in part to collect and document your personal and professional development, which can then be used to support your appraisal process or to demonstrate competencies and capabilities to future employers and clinical supervisors.